Natty’s Spooky Pairings

You have scaled your roof to precariously dangle spiders from your gutters. You’ve stretched cotton balls across your windows, stacked ten tons of candy by the door…and now all that’s left to do is sit back to await those frantically sugar-roided children who will trample your flower bed, try to sneak extra pieces of candy and will scamper off without even a “thank you”.

It’s time for a beer.

A caramelly yet dry quaffer with ultimate drinkability, this beer is your go-to.  Pick up a 12-pack to last you through the night and to offer to other poor souls, chasing their rabid animals around the neighborhood. The staple for any candy, but try it with your caramels and candy corn.

A fresh, hoppy pale ale can hold up to some of your stronger flavored candy. Try this with sour candies like sour patch kids or warheads. Your taste buds may be fried after this pairing though ;)

Refreshingly light and citrusy, you don’t want to lose this beer’s flavor to a sour or chocolate candy. Try this with your smarties or marshmallow varieties.

The lightest of the bunch, this beer could easily be overwhelmed by the scream-o sugar volume in most Halloween candy. Smarties, marshmallows, and caramels are a good idea.

The dark chocolate bitterness of the Old Town Brown is the perfect compliment to any sweet chocolate. Try it with Snickers, Kit Kats, Milky Ways and more.

Bring out the big guns. At 6.8% with a stong malty backbone, this is the beer to match with your strongest flavors. All chocolates, gummies, and sour slime should be tested on this beer.

Not all beers will be available at every supermarket or beer store, but keep an eye out for local taps as well.

Find a pairing that works? or one that REALLY doesn’t? Share it in the comments below ;)

Madison Smith is the Media & Communications Manager at Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. She is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Level 1 Court of Master Sommeliers graduate, and holds a BS in Food Science from the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! She is an alcohol and food enthusiast with a strong media presence under the pseudonym WinoBeeroFoodo on Twitter, Facebook, her blog, and beyond. On any given evening, she can be found hurrying home from hot yoga to enjoy a Southern Pale Ale or Old Town Brown while cooking up Pinterest-y meals.

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